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Periodontal Disease Treatment - Garland, TX

Avoid Tooth Loss, Protect Your Gums

The gums are an essential part of your oral health that often doesn’t get the attention it should. While most people are focused on the health of their teeth, the gums are responsible for many important functions, including protection of the tooth roots and providing teeth a stable anchor. Without healthy gums, you risk losing your teeth! If you suffer from gum disease, Dr. Zach can provide treatment that stops it in its tracks! Call our dental office to get scheduled for an appointment for periodontal disease treatment in Garland, TX!

Laughing man with healthy smile after periodontal disease treatment

Why Choose La Prada Family Dentistry of Garland for Periodontal Disease Treatment?

Scaling & Root Planing

Animation of inflamed gums before scaling and root planing

When gum disease has progressed past the early stages, improving your at-home care is simply not going to be enough. At our dental office, we can take our professional cleaning a step further and clean the areas not just above, but below the gum line. Scaling works to remove plaque from all surfaces of your teeth, including the root underneath your gums. Root planing promotes reattachment of the gums to the teeth, which prevents future gum recession.

Periodontal Maintenance

Model smile demonstrating need for periodontal maintenance

Once gum disease develops, it needs to be regularly maintained to ensure that it does not redevelop later. That’s why we strongly encourage our patients to schedule professional cleanings every 3-4 months (instead of the typical 6) so that we can help you enjoy a stronger, healthier smile over time and remove any trace amounts of harmful bacteria more diligently. Your teeth will thank you!

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